Girls Trip to Vic Falls
Photos: By us girls!
Shelley Craven Harrison,
Wizzy Mangoma,
Lynda Bryer & Teresa Dickinson
A Dusty Road nostalgic pleasure!

Besides watching the falls, there is so much to do when visiting the place.



We drove towards Chinos (slang for the township Chinotimba in Vic Falls). After about 2 kilometers from the centre of the town we made a turn into another world. The gate opened slowly as we drove into this colourful hide out. I felt my heart beat faster. I saw a flashback of my childhood. There were green and red robots (traffic lights) flashing towards us. Behind the traffic lights there was a rustic wall with animal drawings and road signs on it. The wall reminded me of this big wall which was used for movie screenings at the shopping center in a small town Chinoyi where l was born. An old blue van filled with old things at the back of it was park in front of the wall. It also had a sculpture of a goat on the top. The lights from the van were flashing towards the path to the restaurant.

Walking towards the restaurant area, was like twisting through a market area, a home garden, a small tavern,  a café, a bar, a residential area and  grandmother’s home all in one. Local music played in the background. Everyone welcomed us with pleasant smiles making us feel like we were part of the family. We were greeted by Sarah the owner of the place who guided us to our reserved table with a name on it. Immediately we were introduced to beautiful Opah a traditional food specialist (who sells traditional food ingredients at the local market). With a smile and so much passion she explained each and every ingredient and meal that was going to be served to us. After that, we were given a spectacular welcome dance and singing performance by some very charismatic young local boys.

Like a kid who usually gets destructed, I got up and was given a grand tour of this lovely hide out by Sarah. The food is made on the open fire just like how many Zimbabweans have done for years. It is believed that food cooked on open fires is much tastier. Sarah explained how they want to preserve and raise awareness of the Zimbabwean culture. And, also promote female empowerment.

After the beautiful tour, I joined my friends as it was time for us to enjoy the personalized, unique, delicious and not oily homemade food which complimented the glimpse of Dusty Road surroundings. We ate until our souls were satisfied and more.

The unique experience was breath taking. It brought so many good memories of my late mother and late grandmother when they used to cook for us.


​When you are in Vic Falls visit Dusty Road and enjoy the real Zimbabwean local experience!

Also enjoy shopping local products.