Tendai Michelle Mufunda




Tendai  is one of the most celebrated, influential Zimbabwean visual artistes in the art-world. I met Tendai at one of her Art Exhibitions in 2015 and fell in love with her unique paintings. The paintings had so much beauty and emotional power that they seemed to have gently oozed out of her being. 


Tendai is a hardworking soul with so many talents. She is a freelance fine artist currently residing in Zimbabwe. She has been painting portraits and abstract art professionally since 2003, her commissioned portraits including those of His Excellency, President Robert Mugabe; President Edgar Lungu and Mama Graca Machel. 

She has also performed plays and skits in Zimbabwe, New Zealand and England, and she directed and acted in her own play that was performed in Birmingham. She currently hosts her festival named Tendai's Arts and Culture Festival where she showcases arts, crafts and music by female creatives.

Facebook: @tendaisart

Instagram: @tendaimufundazw