Elroy currently opened a media company called Dream House media and is also working on a series entitled Ruthless...with a Models back ground  and also an entertainment guru. He has worked on a number of Productions yet to hit the big screens early next year.

He worked with a Number of producers the likes of Mark T Mandisoul, Joe Njagu, Brighton Tazarurwa, Ray Tazarurwa Nothando and only but to mention a few.


He is the writer, Director, Producer and also acts in the forth coming series Ruthless.


His company is set to produce film, adverts, branding and hosts events in and around Zimbabwe as well as promote talent and nurture Art as a whole. 

One of Zims up coming actor &  grandson of the late Cuthbert Pariwa - Giant producer of the film Neria. 

1. What do you enjoy most:

being behind the scenes or in front of a camera and why?

Elroy: Well behind the scenes always work good for me because spot light at times kills your talent if it gets overwhelming...but of late camera is where l am at.... projects yet to poop up. 



2. What/who inspired you to be in the entertainment business?

Elroy: Well this would be my grandfather Cuthbert Pariwa who was part owner of (CFL) Central film laboratory, now known as Might movies or ZiFM. They worked on film projects like Neria, Flame and many more.  



3. At school what was your favourite subject plus your worse subject and why?

Elroy: I loved English and like most kids, l hated Maths.



4. Do you remember any special teacher at school that gave you encouragement?

Elroy: Well, at primary it was the Head of the school Mr Mangeya who also happened to be my Mums brother. And at high school - Milton Boys High it was Mr Camp. 


5. How have you grown as a person since you became an entertainment personality?

Elroy: I have developed patience. 

Well a lot of people are inspired by Artists and it helps you grow when you have creative people around you. Because in our Country and in the industry a lot of patience is needed. 



6. If you were given an opportunity to do a movie, what will the movie be about and what role would you play?

Elroy: Tell a story about Zimbabweans in a way that will not only show our talent but will call international Directors, Actors and investors to our Country because we have a lot of unrecognized talent in Zimbabwe... The role l would play will defiantly not be lead....    



7. Who is your favourite 

A) film director, 

Elroy: Steven King the best Horror script writer and director on those type of movies.. 

B) favourite movie 

and why? 

Elroy: I would personally say John Q by D Washington because its a family based movie of an ordinary poor black family which was broke over their heads and no hospital would take there sons in without medical aid. They had no cash, so they sold everything they had and even took a loan on their house but the money still did not add up for his operation.... but the hustle the father went through to get his son on the donors list was just amazing love for his family. And l think the main point of that movie is to say no matter how bad or tough things are never give up or turn your back on family.  

8. What can be done and what are you doing personally to help put the Zim entertainment industry on the map. 

Elroy: Well as an individual you can only do so much, but if all Production houses in Zimbabwe could work as one not have camps be it Music, DJs, Film Director and Actors it would be a better Industry. 


9. You have a gift of getting into different roles and having different accents how do you do that? 

How do you prepare yourself before you start work?

Elroy: Self drive is always about doing beta than yesterday and thinking of your viewers or listeners in whatever you do. Because at the end of the day its about them.


10. What drives you to get up everyday?

Elroy: My family and hoping one day when l am gone my work will carry them through.


11. How does it feel when people come up to you and talk to you as if they know you? 

Elroy: Most do know you because they follow your work and talent its them who make you what you will become.


12. What is your worst fear?

Elroy: Well that will be not living my life like anyone else living their life.



13. What is the nicest thing anyone or a fan has ever said to you?

Elroy: There is just to much to remember....


14. Most people look at celebrities as always happy, do you have times when you feel lonely or depressed and how can you make people aware of depression? 

Elroy: Thats not easy to express because we are who we are because of those every same people, so we always try not mix personal feeling and work. 



15. What things in your life would you change about yourself if given a chance to better yourself?

Elroy: Non because if you belive that there is a God above then you exactly where you meant to be.



16. What are your hobbies?


Elroy:I love to ride in my free time with the biking club where we also pull fans in the motor spot industry  where we riding to different towns and do bike awareness rides.


As bikers we do not only become friends but family and we ride together.... in good times or bad