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Photography: tnash
Casey And Coresh have been working as models for the past five years. These two are not just beautiful clothes hangers, they are creative, life driven, and are making waves in the industry. 


1. Most people think that beautiful people have it easier. Do you think that about yourself?

​Casey: I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way. I myself am fearfully and wonderfully made. And yes I am beautiful.

​Coresh: To some extent l think yes some people may like you because of your looks but in the long run they might find that you guys are different so basically l think its true but in the long run what really matters is the character behind that beauty.


​2. What sets you apart from other models?

​Casey:  I'm unique in my own way, in the sense that my walk on the runway is vibrant.

​Coresh: l believe in hard work and also l try to listen to advice nomatter where it is coming from.


3. What was your first modelling job together and how did feel?

Casey: Ngugi Veres Charity Fashion Show. I felt excited as it was my first show working with Coresh.

​Coresh: It was a first shona accra fashion show by Ngugi Vere. The fashion show was really enlightening because Ngugi  does his fashion shows in a different way compared to other fashion shows. He just wants you to be happy on that fashion show and be creative. From that show l  noticed that Casey has this drive in her that would make her a super model and this is like 5 yrs ago.


4. Is there a movie or a book you think the other person should read? 

Casey: to Coresh: Hollywood Kids-Jackie Collins

Coresh: to Casey:  l'm not that much of a movie fun l am into books more but l think she should watch Wonder Woman  and Black Panther.


5. How is it working together? What do you think about each other's work and behaviour at work?

Casey: Its quite an amazing experience because he is a free spirited person. His work is excellent and both our behaviour at work is professional. 

Coresh: l think she is very humble and she can model in any attire. A lot of models have problems with clothes they think its all about wearing the best attire but its about how you make that attire look best on you. And, i think casey can rock in any attire.

6. What do you do to encourage or motivate each other?

​​Casey: We both share positive advice concerning our careers.

​Coresh: Casey is like a little sister to me. Every time she gets some time she passes through my work place to say hie. Also when ever l have some time, we talk on the phone and encourage each other and tell each other on what we are to work on.


7. What else do you do apart from modelling?

​Casey: I'm a Culinary Arts student. 

Coresh: I am a computer technician  and a fitness trainer. 


8. How does it feel before and during a shoot or a fashion show?

Casey: I will be nervous before  the show, and during the show I will be  a thunderstorm in a tea cup.

Coresh: Before a shoot l will be thinking about the type of clothes l will be wearing and how am i going to rock in them. And, during a shoot l don't usually think about anything.  I will be just expressing myself in a best way possible and also trying to listen to what the director or photographer wants me to do.

9.  Is it better working alone on set or it's much fun with other models and why?

Casey: Its better working with other models because l get to learn a few new things from them. 

Coresh: l think with other models its more fun because they know you and they understand how it feels to be in front of that camera and they will also give you hints on what to do sometimes especially if you are running out of ideas on what to do or how pose.


10. What do you do to stay happy and in shape?

Casey: l work out everyday, eat healthy food & l make sure l surround myself with positive people.

Coresh: l love reading stuff that l don't  know. I feel like im travelling to new places every time l read  something new and that makes me happy. I also believe in God so every time l feel that this is too much for me to handle l also pray  and that makes me feel happy after wards. I am obsessed with looking good. I hit the gym everyday and im particular about what l eat so thats how i try to stay healthy.


11. What goals do you have as a model and how do you see yourself in the future?

Casey: I aspire to be an international model. I see myself working with Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger and walking at the Milan, New York, and London Fashion Week. 

Coresh: l want to set an example for the new guys who are coming in the industry now and let them know that modelling is fun and it helps you connect with people you will never connect with if you were not in the industry. In future l would want to help other models to be better that they were when they started.

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