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Article by Kumbirai Chitura Manzanga 

Avid fitness person

Unexpected turn and Roadblock

Towards the end of last year an unexpected turn took place –on the 3rd of September 2018 I walked into my doctor’s office around 3pm feeling a little bit of pain around my belly button and he immediately indicated I required an emergency umbilical cord hernia surgery that evening – I was in absolute shock and I didn’t even have time to absorb all that was happening – my worst fear had been realized- SURGERY. Not any kind of surgery, my tummy was going to be sliced, in a pretty way, so I was assured. My lifetime fitness plan had always been to avoid any form of hospitalization unless I was giving birth to my children and definitely no injuries or surgeries. I know, I overestimated my ability to control anything. 


So what does all this have to do with fitness and health sit back and come with me on this journey.

I always thought childbirth and possibly aging would be the major roadblocks I would face on my fitness and health journey, it turns out so many roadblocks can appear, many that you have absolutely  no control over, namely - 


-  Work;

- Death of a loved one;

- Heartbreak;

- Daily life pressures;

- Unexpected travel;

- Health complications;

- Physical injury;

- Depression;

- The beginning of a new year;

And so many more. 

So when the unexpected happens, the first question is what was next? Enter the least and most disliked topic by most when it comes to fitness and health – REST AND RECOVERY – RR. Many times when the body and mind face trauma the most important thing is REST and RECOVERY. This can dramatically improve your fitness and health before you even begin rehabilitation or any therapy and also help you adjust to the reality of what has happened and come up with an action plan to get back into the saddle. 

Here are a few strategies to aid your rest and recovery:

1. Take some time off – all those leave days you keep accumulating USE THEM!

2. Go away on a holiday with your loved ones to force you to rest; 

3. If you are feeling up to it, take a short walk;

4. Drink plenty of water;

5. Eat lots of fresh fruits and eat more vegetables;

6. Do not step on the bathroom scale, the aim is to rest and recover not burn calories;

7. Sleep for longer hours, take naps;

8. Ask for help;  

9. Get professional help or talk to a friend or journal.

10. Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake.

These are just a few that I have been doing over the past 3 month and trust me your body will thank you and may you know that Rest and Recovery are all part of the process In Fitness and In Health. 


Until next time…. Remember it’s a journey.

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