Making a difference

Florence Mudzingwa is a dynamic, compassionate and driven Zimbabwean lady whose vision and ideas are a marvel for this and future generations. 

Born with disability, Florence has transcended the belief that those with disabilities can not be productive. She has work tirelessly in pressurized business environment for several years. 

Furthermore she setup a vibrant non profit Organisation that inspires the girl child with disability to have hope and faith that they can transform their own lives and circumstances. Hope Resurrect Trust is living up to its mission inspiring and impacting many in the process. 

Follow Florence’s story and example.

by Rabison Shumba

What inspired me to start the Trust was the motivation and moral support I grew up getting from my family. It built a lot of confidence in me that I felt that I was not any different from other people and I could choose and shape my own destiny. On the other hand  other families don’t support their child if he/she is born with a disability and therefore neglecting them without realizing the potential that lies on the inside of them. I chose to work with girls because being a woman with a disability I understand the challenges we face in society. Women in general are disadvantaged and having a disability in double jeopardy therefore one needs to believe in themselves inorder to overcome the challenges in society. The Trust is seeking to empower the girl child with a disability to fully realize her potential and move away from the charity model which society views disability in.



Currently we are dealing with individual young ladies between the ages 18-35 and their families.