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Mufudzi(e): Musican & Fashion Student

Tahle Wedzinza  


We thought we heard it all before the magnifiscently ravishing musical diva ,Tahle wedzinza called the shots with her heart trembling vocals.Tahle first popped into the picture and got all our attention when she did a collaboration with jah prayzer,Andy Muridzo and Nutty O on the heat Chekeche.Her voice proved to us we hadnt heard enough.


The story of the 20 year old songstress however dates back to when she was only 4 years.She also received training with the National Institute of allied Arts (NIAA).


Without dwelling much on the past the musical sensesional is painting the country bright with her demenour and fresh sound that televison and radio has been eagerly eyeing.


Of late, Tahle we Dzinza's   second collaboration with Jah Prayzer "Give me more" got us falling inlove with this diva's craft and made us understand why she refers to herself  as KingTahle on her instagram which now has a remarkeable following.


Unlike most artistes i have covered so far ,i had a priveledge to engage with Tahle on a non formal platform and she posses a smile and heart that sets the world on fire.All this is also reflected on her Art.


The young star is a fashion fanatic and trail blazer


In response to the future of music in Zimbabwe KingTahle reiterated that, "My greatest desire is that by the time i pass my button to the next generation of musicians,this career choive will be deemed just as honourable and dignified as any other proffession."

This can only tell us about the zeal embeded inside the talent as far as persuing a successful career in music is concerned.


Apart from other projects Tahle has been working on,she is set to release a single this month entitled "Teleunga" and we can only wait and drool in eager anticipation for the offer.


Zimbabwe has deep talent and youngsters like we Dzinza leave us with no doubt about this.Flames have nothing on Tahle as she sets the Zimbabwe musical Industry on fire!

@wizzy's Lounge 2017