How often do you drink from the cup of freedom
And when you drink do you take a sip or gulp

Do you let the contents of the cup of freedom intoxicate yoy untill you stagger and is out of control
Do you pass out or black out.

I take freedom and roll a blunt
I inhale it all in and feel it gather my mind soul and spirit into one
I feel the three hugging inside me
I feel their smiles and joys

I let the freedom take over and meditate on all the things that i can do and be
I gather courage to show the world what i am madr off.

And when the high is gone...i roll another one



Life of Mufudz!e



I spent the late childhood to almost teenage days in the ghetto

However i wasn't a typical ghetto kid because of my childhood bringing which was spent in quieter environments

In the ghetto ,my life was caught in between the house ,school, church library and these places where my hiding corners for the external ghetto life
i also got external exposure in between the time and interacted with people from different backgrounds

Even tho i never felt like i fitted in i saw and was exposed to the ghetto life and saw all that happens
The soul,the culture,the determination and the way people have to toughen up to survive every day
Its all about survival

I was always picked on because i was softer and meek at for a while it had a bearing on me until i came to a point of choosing between dying and rising above the situation

So i chose to show the ghetto what i was made of...embrace my softness and femininity and use that as a weapon because it was my power and not my weakness

The ghetto is made up of strong personalities and if you are able to survive and not be scared to express your individuality in the ghetto then you can make it elsewhere without even trying.

I am now back to quieter environments but the toughness and inspiration i derived from the ghetto sticks to my soul like a tattoo does on the skin

Its not a side that entirely dominates me but it is there inside strong and hard and i embrace it.

I hope whatever environment you find yourself in you will fight for your individuality to be felt and that you will not unnecessarily conform to fit in.


Photography: letsshootpeople
Style: Mufudz!e
Location Harare cbd