by Mufudz!e



Im sorry that l loved you

So much so that l stepped off my throne and acted regular  for you.

So You saw me as that.

And treated me as such.


Im sorry for respecting you 

So l showed some remorse and you thought l was stupid and timid.


Im sorry for perfectly excecuting your instructions,

It made you think l could not think for myself.

Im sorry l let you make me feel less of myself

While make you feel more of yourself that you really are.


Im sorry l made this all happen.

Im sorry to myself.

Apology accepted.

This is where it all stops!

Burning Bridges



​By Tinashe Tevin Magaiza " Rock Star"


And each man having the weight of his own cross to bear, his own bridge to cross, yet his thoughts go unnoticed over the reflection of the waters. For what use is a man if his escape is an illusion, that one day though he return to the dust only the stones shall weep for him. The heavens mouthe at his achievements yet though the sun penetrates his skin, it reaches not the cold unillumed parts of his soul where his most profound sigh resides....he sighs at love, the wanned visage of a once happy earth now plagued by human fault to one another. The sky oft weeps, the sun dries her tears, the moon reveals her beauty...We are beautiful, we are earth, we are woman, we are man, we must be defined by love like the universe is defined by God,  that every living creature should live for the other,  that we may build the bridges of brotherhood and cross over the streams of hatred, racism, jealousy and prejudice, for on the other side of the stream lies a utopia of love. Make haste to awaken from this sleep....